An old incident of developer misconduct where a CCP developer who also played the game as member of Band of Brothers (BoB q.v.) gave that alliance access to very rare and expensive blueprints which allowed BoB to corner that market and made them very rich.
It is a known fact that Devs have Alts. However you are not really supposed to know that they are Devs if they are in your organization. The problem with T20 is that this Dev pretty much announced his presence inside the then player organization of BoB, in which he proceeded to spawn T2 BPO's (when they where a raffle item though R&D, like a powerball ticket). One player that kinda just needed to HTFU on something unrelated was able to hack into BoB external from eve severs and reveiled the Devs name and what was happening. He was later banned but later reinstated in full after external media sources behind eve picked it up included on the front news page of MSN at the time reportedly by 'The Washington Post'. [Copy] This event also sparked the creation of IS 'Internal Security' as well as the CSM